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Septic System Maintenance - 9 Easy Tips to Avoid Septic System Problems

Septic system maintenance 9 easy tips to avoid septic system problems

So, the whole point of Middleburg septic system maintenance is to avoid drain field failure. The septic tank’s purpose is to trap solids and oils, and the drain field’s purpose is to absorb waste water. If solids or oil escape from the tank and flow into the field, it will clog, fail, and overflow onto the yard.

Here’s a list of proactive tips to keep the drain field in good working order, save money, and avoid septic system problems:

1) Don’t use bleach in the washing machine or other harsh chemicals that end up in the septic tank: The septic system relies on bacteria to break down waste. These harsh chemicals kill the bacteria causing solid waste to accumulate and flow into the drain field pipes.

2) Regulate washing machine lint: Lint from the washing machine is another solid that can clog the pipes. A great, easy strategy to save money on the septic system is to get a lint filter. They’re available for $20.

3) Avoid using garbage disposer: If too much food is put down the garbage disposal, the bacteria can’t eat it fast enough. If you have a septic, you should try to use the trash can instead of the garbage disposal as much as possible.

4) Don’t flush sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, etc: All these items end up in the septic tank and can quickly cause it to clog.

5) Avoid pouring grease and oil down the sink: It seems natural to pour grease and used oil down the sink, but it can cause the drain field to fail. You should let it cool, pour it into a container, and put it in the trash. This little habit can save a lot of money and headaches.

6) Try to avoid draininghot tub too quickly: If the Middleburg drain field soil tries to absorb too much water, it will overflow. Then, you won’t be able to flush the toilets. Try draining the hot tub in a couple of stages, or have everyone wait a couple of hours before taking a shower.

7) Regulate water use at a large party: Many guests in our home flushing toilets continuously causes the same problem as draining the hot tub. You could try lowering the fill line in the back of your toilets during the party.

8) Don’t pave or install pool over drain field : The leach field needs oxygen to work property. Be sure to check the septic system location before paving or putting in a pool.

9) Avoid driving cars or machinery over drain field : The drain field consists of a series of small, plastic pipes to distribute the waste water. These pipes can easily be crushed. Once again, knowing the system location is a big help.

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