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Facts About Septic Tanks In Middleburg

Facts about septic tanks in middleburg

Septic tanks systems in Middleburg offer a basic means of sewage treatment for houses that are not connected to an urban drainage.

There are many septic systems globally that are not properly maintained producing health risks and hazards. In relation to that, a pollution law exists implementing standards to the septic systems. In most cases, a sewage treatment plant is required to install. It is better to have your sewage systems tested by the experts to avoid contamination.

Various Types of Septic Tanks System Offered

There are different types of Middleburg septic tanks system consisting of septic tanks in various shapes and size planted in the underground. It is associated to a secondary soil treatment system like mound soak away, drain field or any other land drainage system.

Soakaways are the underground soil treatment system that uses bacteria that are naturally present in the ground called aerobic for an additional treatment to the waste matters in the tank. Soil type is an important matter to the success of operation of soakaway. Clay types of soil are inappropriate to use, they will surely cause drainage problems.

Generally, the soakaway must be 1.2 metres above the water table all the time and should be 200 millimeters underneath to avoid possible wastewater leakage at the top.

Septic treatment mound is a type of soakaway system that is raised at least 1200 millimeters above the water table. A real professional that based on calculations and results must design it.

These septic mounds look are very eye-catching which can be form as element in your gardens landscape, but is not acceptable to plants shrubs and other ornamental plants on top of it because the roots can damage the tank. Be sure to place it around their base.

The volume of the septic system is determined based by the amount of bedrooms in the house considering also the porosity of the soil. An overloaded septic system will not work so it is necessary to think and decide carefully for the plans of extending the house or property before taking the actions.

Septic Tanks Mechanism

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